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Hello! Welcome to Canna Bee Hemp' Notized - a Hampton Road's plant-based, organic and licensed integrative health and wellness products provider.


My name is Sharetta Scott; I am proudly a native of the Hampton Roads Area and I still live in the area to this day!


Here's why you should trust me in helping you lead a natural path to true healing, long-term health, peace & joy:


I graduated from Salem High School in Virginia Beach and I attended Virginia Union University in pursuit of a degree in Biology - Pre-Allied Health. I earned my compact (18+ state practicing ability) Licensed Practical Nurse's credential from the State of Virginia in 2005. From there, I earned a degree in Business Administration from Tidewater Community College, and in 2019, I earned my Virginia Hemp Dealer's License and my Virginia Hemp Processor's License.


I have been a practicing LPN for almost 18 years, working in fields such as med-surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, psychology, and home health. I also enjoyed working at a local high school as a Clinical Assistant / Assistant School Nurse. Currently, I am seeking to combine my medical expertise with my plant-health knowledge to serve my loved ones and community.

After earning my business degree, my husband and I decided to open TT’s One Stop Shop in the SONO Flea Market. After 11 months, we moved our location to 1313 Park Avenue and changed our name to Mom N Pop's Convenience Store. We have now been serving the south Norfolk community for 12+ years.


In 2020, we began educating ourselves in herbal remedies, creating our own soaps, tinctures, elixirs, and capsules; we then began selling many of our homemade products in our convenience store. Due to the outpouring of support and knowledge sharing from those in our circle and our valued customers, we decided to deepen our pursuits in plant-based, holistic, integrative health and wellness. We want to help people deal with issues such as chronic inflammation and pain, weakened immune systems, anxiety, and intestinal upsets with herbs, such as elderberry, lavender, turmeric, sage, gingko, and hemp.



Vernon and I are a happily married couple with children and grandchildren with hearts to help our community.

Our goal is to help everyone we can live in a continuous state of wellness by merging the medicinal and herbal, for a holistic approach to healing. We want to see our people thrive by not having to take as many prescription medications and by not having their lives dominated by sickness, doctors office and hospital visits. Let's strive for an overall better state of health - for our bodies and peace of mind, together. 

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